The NEBA Roast Beef – Mike’s Submarines Latch Hook Project, March 27 2022 progress

I made a lot of progress this week. And I’m kinda proud of that.

Let me explain.

If you look at the grid for the latch hook rug project, it shows 26 columns and 17 rows. And I finished the bottom two rows this week, along with working my way up the left side.

To the point where I actually have the wording on one of the sign roofs.

Yep, you can see NEBA right there on the far left.

I made a lot of progress, so I’m going to the next step.

Once I figure that I’ve had enough progress, I flip the canvas over and paint the back with a special rubber compound. This compound will lock in all the yarn strands, and also provide a non-skid backing so that someone doesn’t step on the rug and slip like the rug’s bottom was made of banana peels.

The compound paints on white, and it dries clear. Once it’s dry, it’ll feel rough and rubbery. Which is what I want. Oh, and I can throw the brushes away after use. This is fine, considering I can get a batch of cheap, disposable brushes at the hardware store.

The reason why you don’t see any compound on that lower corner? I painted that with the compound a couple of weeks ago, so it’s locked and ready.

Of course, I got as far as I could before running out of colors. Again. This time I used my last strands of coffee-colored yarn, and I’m still waiting for a Herrschner’s mailing of gray and moss green and dark green.

So here’s how far I’ve gotten, and you can compare last week’s efforts to this week’s completion. Thanks to the wonders of WordPress, you can see the progress by sliding the slider left and right.

Okay, now for the “square a day” progress report. Every blue-bordered square on the canvas equals 100 yarns. And I’m equating my progress with this goal. Every day, clear at least one 100-yarn square. If you clear two 100-yarn squares, you’ve improved your target goal by a day.

As of March 20, last week’s blog post, doing one blue-squared area per day would set my final target at March 12, 2023.

After last week’s output, it looks like my target moved back up to February 12, 2023.

So there’s some progress, but it’s still cutting close to get to at least that mid-October deadline for BUILT.

Now I’m not too worried for BUILT, I do have three images ready to go; I’d just like this NEBA-Mike’s Submarines rug to be one of those “three.”

So let’s keep on this.

Scuse me while I go check the mailbox. Man, it’s emptier than Charlie Brown’s mailbox on Valentine’s Day. Grr…