What’s Up in the Neighborhood, April 9 2022

So I have some bad news. But I’m hoping it’s not completely bad news.

I’ve had to remove four blogs from my blogroll. Not because of content. Not because of inactivity. Not because I have any philosophical differences with what they say or how they say it.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to pull them off the blog roll due to their sites being infected or hacked. And I don’t want to send my readers to those sites until whatever hacked the sites has been removed.

So hopefully those sites will fix what’s wrong and I can re-add them to the blogroll. Trust me, this really does hurt me more than it hurts you, because I do want you to see their content. I really do. But not at the risk of having your computers infected with malware or ransomware or some other form of nasty-ware.

All right. Enough house talk. Let’s talk about good stuff now.

Have a great weekend, everybody!