I stretched it to 500 miles. Wow.

I remember the good old days. The days of trying to fill my 1991 Pontiac 6000 and barely getting 20 miles per gallon out of it.

So in preparation of my plans to drive to Central New York for the upcoming lunar eclipse, I checked my gas tank. 60 miles of fuel left. And I can’t be waiting at a charging station for four hours to get another 50 miles. Time to fill up the car.

The fuel cell for a 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier can hold 8.9 gallons of go-go juice. The last time I filled my car with 93 octane, I took a photo of the odometer. I filled the tank on April 29; and posted a blog about my goal on May 5.

So let’s do a little split-screen and see how far 8.9 gallons of 93 octane and a few tops at some ChargePoint and EV Connect stations got me.

That’s April 29, 2022. 61,017 miles on the odometer.

And now … May 15, 2022.

61,557. I pulled 540 miles out of this hybrid.

Now for some calculations. 540 miles divided by 8.9 gallons equals … 60.67 miles per gallon.

And that’s on the low side, in that I didn’t run the gasoline all the way to empty before filling. Honestly, when I filled the tank, I put in 7.5 gallons of hi-test. Which bumps my mileage up to 72 miles per gallon.

72 miles per gallon.

I was lucky to get 72 miles per TANK with the Pontiac 6000.

540 miles between fill-ups.

And after much exploration of my car’s onboard telemetry, I found the screen that allowed me two mileage odometers for tracking my travel. I reset one of them immediately after juicing up Lightning’s Girl.

Wow. 540 on my first try.

I’m definitely good with this car. 😀