So next week’s radio show will sound different … for all the right reasons.

About a year ago, I was recording the DJ part of my Friday night “Nightowl Radio Show” radio broadcast, when all of a sudden … the microphone shorted out. Ugh. I ordered a new microphone and headset combo, but the unit I received had a very tinny microphone. Essentially, I had to record my audio and then BOOST it with software to give more bass to my voice.

Fast-forward to last weekend’s reunion at my alma mater, Hamilton College. I coordinated a visit and tour with Juliet Davidson, she’s the General Manager of station WHCL. 37 years after my time broadcasting in the basement of Minor Theater, the studio is now in a state-of-the-art facility on the second floor of the Sadove Student Center (what I used to know as my old frat house, the Emerson Literary Society).

Wow. You see the smile on my face?

I told you I know how how to smile. 😀

We discussed the radio station’s history. I told her about how WHCL went from being a five-watt monaural station that only half of the campus could clearly hear … to a 270-watt stereo flamethrower capable of sharing that fantastic college radio sound throughout Oneida County. Since Juliet was also working on a history of the radio station, I gave her a USB drive that contained some of the research I had gleaned about the station – newspaper clippings and old college radio logos and the like.

I then mentioned that my radio show could sound better, but I acquired a tinny microphone and I should replace it.

“I think I can help you,” she said. A few minutes later, she brought me a WHCL canvas bag, which contained some neat swag inside – buttons, stickers, a few issues of the on-campus publication The Wattage – and a professional USB microphone.

You heard me. A radio-quality professional USB microphone. For me.


Much thanks to Juliet and the people involved in WHCL. I’m having a fantastic time as a broadcasting alum, and if you tune in to this Friday’s s show … I hope you hear the difference in the sound quality of my voice.

Both in terms of sound quality and in positivity. 😀