In Praise of Nathalie Jacoby

Long-time readers of my blog know that I vote blue. That’s how I roll. And my Twitter page shows that I follow several progressive and liberal accounts, including New York members of Congress Alexander Ocasio-Cortez and Paul Tonko; many MSNBC reporters and anchorpeople (not Chuck Todd, though – any time he trends on Twitter it’s not for good things), and other forward-thinking people. And yeah, I also follow several Pittsburgh Steelers players and various All Elite Wrestling talent, but that’s just me.

Recently, I had the opportunity to follow Nathalie Jacoby. I don’t know much about her, other than she’s from the East Coast, she loves horses, and she’s an ardent supporter of the Democratic party. And I’m good with all of that. I followed her on Twitter, she followed me.

Now on occasion, Nathalie will ask her followers if they want to follow other people; and I’ve followed some of her recommended accounts. I always make sure I’m following verified people who actually exist, and trust me, there’s too many Twitter accounts with phony names and cut-and-paste cheesecake photos that claim to be some super-thin ingenue whose grasp of the English language seems rather stilted.

Recently, Nathalie sent out a message for those who support Democratic issues and beliefs to post their current number of followers, and if they are true Twitter users (not bots or trolls), Nathalie will ask her followers to consider following said person.

So here’s the message I received yesterday.

Well, I’ve followed Nathalie Jacoby for a while now, and she’s been nothing but supportive and kind and considerate to all of her Twitter followers. It’s almost like a social media influencer who doesn’t want you to buy that expensive champagne in the St. Tropez sunshine, when a can of Red Bull in the park is totally fine instead.

I checked my follower count. It’s okay … but I wouldn’t mind a few more real followers. Not the ones where I type in the word “window shade” and suddenly I have three Twitter accounts for window shade companies in my DM’s.

Okay. Let’s try this.

No lies told here.

And surprisingly, within seconds, Nathalie Jacoby posted this message.

Within seconds, my Twitter notifier started dinging and dinging like I had hit three cherries at the slot machine. At the time of this blog post, I went from 395 followers to 487 in twelve hours flat.

First off, much incredible thanks to Nathalie Jacoby, one of the nicest people you will ever meet on Twitter. She’s friendly, she engages with her followers, and she suffers no fools. MAGA trolls can go pound salt.

And for everybody who followed me on Twitter in the past day – or who follow me in the future, welcome. My name’s Chuck Miller, I’m a writer and photographer from upstate New York. This blog contains articles, photographs, observations and a world of adventure ever since it first appeared in August of 2009. 13 years, 5,500 posts, without taking a single day off. Not one.

Comments sections are open; please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. Just keep it civil and don’t doxx anybody. Kindness goes a long way.

All the best. This is what positive social media interactions look like. And I’m definitely good with that.