You can get a very tasty Italian Cheeseburger in these Albany locations.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Italian Cheeseburger – a sandwich that, for some reason, seems to only exist in Albany. Now there are “cheeseburger subs” or “chopped cheese” in various locales, where a burger is part of a sub sandwich (i.e., adding lettuce and tomatoes and whatnot).

But I’m talking about the Italian Cheeseburger here, which is served on a long bun and, in addition to the burger and cheese, French fries are added on top of the sandwich. Damn that’s good.

With that in mind, I want to share some locales in the Capital District where one can purchase this delicious Italian Cheeseburger.

And let’s start with Crown Fried Chicken and Pizza on Central Avenue.

Take a look at this delicious sandwich. You can see the French fries sticking out of the bun; and you can certainly tell this sandwich has enough juice in it to make every bite super-tasty.

Here’s another Italian Cheeseburger locale – Pearl Fried Chicken on South Pearl Street, near the arena.

They put two patties of beef in their Italian Cheeseburgers, and the fries – both in the sandwich and on the side – are nice and crisp.

Here’s another place. Capital Fried Chicken on Central Avenue.

Here’s what their Italian Cheeseburger looks like.


Now why am I showcasing these taste treats?

Here’s why. These come from independent chicken shacks, operated by independent store owners. All the profits from the sale of their chickens and burgers go back into their business. They don’t go to any international organization that lobbies against human rights. You think Chick-fil-A chicken is so tasty? Trust me, you eat some chicken from one of these chicken shacks and you’ll never eat Chick-fil-A again.

Besides, you can always use the argument that Chick-fil-A doesn’t make Italian Cheeseburgers. So you’ve got that going for you. 😀