The NEBA Roast Beef – Mike’s Submarines Latch Hook Project, September 5 2022 progress

I was on a really strong run … and then I ran out of lime strands.

Again. Ran out of yarns. Nuts.

But during the time when I had enough yarns to go around, I made a lot of progress on this latch hook rug.

In fact, let’s do the comparison.

Scrolling back and forth on these two images, you can see on the left was where I left off last week, with the image on the right being my progress as of the writing of today’s blog post.

So I haven’t posted any progress in the past few months.

The big noticeable difference is that I finished the storefronts on both images.

The biggest finish was on the right side – the “Mike’s Submarines” side. The entire interior is complete, and you can see the word “Mike’s” on the sign at center right. I’ve also cleared up a tremendous amount of exposed area on the right; and as you can see, I have less than 100 area squares left toward completion. This is solid.

And if I hadn’t run out of lime yarn strands – grrr – things would have been better.

No matter. I’ll work around the missing lime strands this week, and order another bag of lime from Herrschner’s – it should arrive in a month or so, considering that Herrschner’s delivery service has the speed of a snail on Quaaludes.

But we’re making progress. This will look incredible for Competition Season 2023.

If I don’t run out of another color by then. 😀