The new quandry – +1 Df, or +2 Zfc‘s?

A few years ago, I dabbled in three-dimensional photography, and I experimented with a few different options. I used vintage cameras that had multi-lens outputs, like the Trio 3D and the NIMSLO. I used two Nikon EM’s and shot them simultaneously.

But I wasn’t very satisfied with the results.

And I think I have a solution. Or solutions. Follow me on this.

I currently own a Nikon Df camera. it’s been my personal workhorse, my go-to #1 shooter for the past nine years. I think it’s the greatest camera Nikon ever produced.

But I’m thinking. What if I had a second Nikon Df? With that, I could set both cameras up in sequence, and use a synchronized shutter release to fire both cameras at the same time. Thus it would give me a “left” and “right” image, which can be combined in stereo viewing.


B&H Photo has offered me a very tempting trade-in option for my Df, and with it I could purchase a new-to-me Nikon Zfc, which is Nikon’s mirrorless version of the Df. And theoretically, with the trade-in and my personal savings, I could actually purchase TWO Nikon Zfc‘s.

So let me figure out some options.

The Zfc can shoot video, which the Df can’t.

The Df allows me to use Nikon’s legacy lenses, where I would have to purchase all-new glass for the Zfc or get special adapters to use Nikon’s vintage lenses.

I won’t have to lose my old lenses; they’re fully compatible with my Nikon film camera, my F2S (“Nikon Athena”). So it’s really a toss-up.

But the idea for 2023 is to try my hand at successful 3D photography. Whether it’s by creating a custom View-Master reel, which I did with dual film shots in the past, or by entering images in a 3-D film contest (which I tried in 2020 and flunked out), it’s something that, in the past, has intrigued me. Still kinda does.

The question then becomes … do I go with a second Df and work with what I know, or do I advance up with two Zfc‘s and go through an entirely new learning curve?

This really involves some serious thought. So, blog readers, I call on you. If you were in my shoes, and the option presented itself, would you go with two Nikon mirrorless cameras, or get a second classic Nikon DSLR to go with the current one you own?

All comments and suggestions are welcome below. Would love to hear your opinion on this.