Hochul, Tonko and Pallozzi. Win, win, win.

Not the easiest way to spend a Tuesday night. I had my TV tuned to MSNBC, and I’m simultaneously doom-scrolling Twitter on my cell phone.

Trust me. After all the blather coming from Lee Zeldin about how he would become Governor of New York and put all the MAGA plans in action … I was worried. Trust me, I suffered through twelve years of Governor Alfonse D’Amato – er, sorry, George Pataki – and honestly, the only reason George Pataki ever became Governor was because Howard Stern decided to run as an independent candidate and during his short candidacy, he riled up enough voters so that Pataki could win.

And I didn’t need Lee Zeldin or whoever was operating Lee Zeldin’s puppet strings dictating New York politics.

And thankfully … that wasn’t the case. Not only was Kathy Hochul elected Governor of New York, she becomes the first woman to reach the Governor’s office via election (as opposed to her serving out the previous Governor’s term). She also becomes the first Democrat without a Cuomo surname to win the Governorship since that one guy who was once known as Client 9 or something… Spitzer something…

Congratulations, Governor Hochul and Lieutenant Governor Delgado. New York will be in strong hands under your leadership.

And now let’s focus on NY-20. The hotly contested rematch from two years ago when Rep. Paul Tonko fought back a challenge by MAGA Republican candidate Liz Joy. Back in 2020, Tonko beat Joy by a nearly 20-point margin. Guess what. Same results.

Again … this is awesome news. We need someone in NY-20 who will look out for all of us, no matter what political affiliation or belief. We don’t need anyone screaming at us about conspiracy theories and transphobia and the benefits of Ivermectin.

And then … on a personal note …

My friend Marc Pallozzi, a former trivia teammate of mine from way back in the day, won his bid to take the gavel as a Troy City Court judge.

This is what I like to see. Marc Pallozzi is a really good guy and he’s extremely qualified for the judgeship. Plus, he’ll probably enact zoning rules for everyone in Rensselaer County to erect 24-foot-tall Home Depot skeletons for their Halloween front lawns. 😀

No, seriously. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congrats, Marc. Well-deserved.

Add to this little Tuesday night electioneering results the possibility that Lauren Boebert may be reduced to an OnlyFans account in a couple of weeks … and that Mehmet Oz will trade in his law license for a couple of plastic crudite trays and a log of Taylor Ham…

I’d say our country had a good night all around.

And I’ll take that for sure.