Hey Darnell Cowart, the Globetrotters want your number.

I love watching the Harlem Globetrotters. As much as anybody could say that all they do on the court is clown around, their ability to work within that atmosphere – while still providing highly skilled hoops action – is impressive.

I should note that several members of the Albany Patroons’ legacy players – including Mario Elie and Jamario Moon – have also suited up for the Globies in their careers. Plus, I actually met Curly Neal at a Basketball Hall of Fame event about 13 years ago, and he was the nicest person in attendance.

And if Darnell Cowart’s NBA career doesn’t take off … he should get in touch with the Globetrotters, based on this play alone.

Cowart, is a 6’8″ forward who played collegiately at Murray State. He’s in his third professional season in the Memphis Grizzlies organization, suiting up for the Grizzlies’ G-League team (the Memphis Hustle) and the Grizzlies’ Summer League squads.

So last Friday, Cowart and the Memphis Hustle were playing another G-League squad, the Mexico City Capitanes. Memphis has the ball, and Cowart’s looking for an open man that can receive the ball.

Well, he found an open man and passed the ball.

Sort of.

The pass bounced off Mexico City’s Gary Clark – hit that 6’6″ forward right in the noggin – and bounced back into Cowart’s hands. With a new chance, Cowart passed the ball – this time to his teammate, Damien Jefferson – who scored the easy dunk. Credit the wacky assist to Cowart, his only assist of the night.

And before any one of you says, “Hey, Chuck, video or it didn’t happen.”

Scope this.

Now Mexico City won the game in the end – but Darnell Cowart made that shot clang off Clark’s head like Clark was a church bell. Fun stuff.

As I said … if Cowart can draw up more plays like that …

He could be the next Geese Ausbie. Or at least the one in this cartoon.