Stop what you’re doing and watch this movie called RRR right now!

I’ve heard so much buzz about this film. I’ve heard it’s packed with action scenes. I’ve heard it’s got two charismatic lead actors. I’ve heard it’s a sweeping epic with spectacular cinematography and eye-popping special effects.

And it’s called RRR.

I don’t know why it’s called RRR, but it’s on Netflix, and I have a Friday night to kill, so …

This is what you can expect with this film RRR.

Excuse me while I find my jaw, it’s somewhere on the floor.


And this film is packed with three hours of action like this??

Okay. I watched it.

And even though I watched it on my little television in my apartment … this film NEEDS TO BE SEEN on the big screen. In IMAX. With surround sound. It’s just straight-up incredible.

I need to give you a little background if you’re going to watch this. The film takes place in the early 1920’s, during the time of the British Raj (occupation of the Indian subcontinent). The story’s two main heroes are Alluri Sitarama Raju, a freedom fighter who helped wage guerilla warfare against the colonial invaders, and Komaram Bheem, a member of the Gond tribe who also waged warfare against the colonial invaders – and those two heroes, who may have never met in real life, are teamed together in a series of sweeping battles and fights against British imperialism and subjugation.

So throughout the film, Raju and Bheem meet each other, and unaware of each others’ identities, begin their own missions – Bheem tries to rescue a Gond child who was kidnapped by the British Governor’s wife; while Raju must hunt down a terrorist suspected of an assassination plot. Bheem has the strength of nature and the ability to control animals; while Raju has military training and can turn any object – a stick, a chair, a freakin’ motorcycle – into a weapon of pain and destruction.

Oh … and they dance, as well. No, this isn’t the stereotypical Bollywood dance number that you think happens in India-based films. Not this time. You need to see this dance number. Naatu Naatu. Trust me on this. Bheem has been invited to the Governor’s party, and Raju accompanies him. After running into a very xenophobic government official, Raju and Bheem show them how to really rock the place to the ground.

Oh, and remember what I said about action scenes? Try to imagine bringing an army of lions and bears and stags into a government party and having them all attack. And trust me – no real animals were harmed in the making of this film; all the animals were computer-generated creatures. Who all behaved on cue. 😀

I haven’t seen action like this since maybe Mad Max: Fury Road or Inglorious Basterds, or maybe even going back to The Magnificent Seven or The Wild Bunch. This film has it all. And the three-hour run time for RRR flies by.

So here’s the thing. RRR is NOT eligible for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, because each country is only allowed to submit one film per year, and India selected another film instead of RRR.

But that being said … RRR could be eligible for the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture. That “Naatu Naatu” song could claim Best Original Song. And then there’s cinematography and special effects and other categories available to it. Heck, I’d even argue for Best Screenplay if possible.

RRR is available on Netflix. Definitely worth your time.