Caption Time: An uncleared windshield

We had a nasty, snowy Monday in the Capital Region. And with that in mind, when I got to my car that morning, I spent the necessary time sweeping off all the snow and ice that had accumulated on my car’s roof, rear window, side windows, mirrors, windshield and hood.

I drove downtown. Took my travel very slow.

And as I parked in the parking garage, another car – a white Tesla – drove in behind me. The driver had graciously cleared off a peephole for his windshield, and not much else. Wow, these Tesla drivers really count on their autopilot, don’t they?

Later that evening, as I went to retrieve my car, I saw that the Tesla was still parked in the garage – and believe it or not, the snow was still obscuring the car’s windshield. Big time.

Well, you know what they say, “Pics, Chuck, or it didn’t happen.”

Here’s your pic.

So I’m going to let you blog readers come up with a good caption for this picture. Give me your best excuse as to why this Tesla driver didn’t clear off all the snow AND drove into downtown Albany with his windshield obscured. Make it funny, but keep it reasonably clean.

And … go.