3 x 6 = 18. Trivia Bowl 18, that is.

I’m going back into competition this Saturday.

The top trivia company in the Capital District, Trivia Nights Live, has returned with their annual “Trivia Bowl” competition. The event, to be held at the Ancient Order of Hibernians building in Albany, will feature the top teams of trivia experts in a fun game of remembering useless knowledge.

I know I haven’t played competitive bar trivia in a while, but I always dust off my thinking cap for the championships. And by “championships,” I mean the big games – like the February Trivia Bowl, or the summer-timed Summer Bowl.

And this year’s attempt will be totally mathematically symbolic. See, my trivia team, the Street Academy (named after my beloved high school) won Trivia Bowl III way back in the day, and then three years later claimed Trivia Bowl VI, to become one of only two teams with multiple Trivia Bowl titles (the other being the OG squad Lynch’s Mob, who claimed Trivia Bowls I and II, as well as the most recent Trivia Bowl XVII).

I mean, there has to be some symbolism here, right? Trivia Bowl 3 x Trivia Bowl 6 = Trivia Bowl 18, amirite?

My trivia team, whose members have fluctuated over the years, will be well-stacked with the brain trust who, when we played at three consecutive World Tavern Trivia championships in Atlantic City, won twice and came in 3rd another time. So there’s that.

So yeah, this is kinda a big deal for me. I suppose you could say that competitive team trivia is something that’s been in my life for … oh, I don’t know … over 40 years?

So let’s put this all together. Saturday. Hibernians Lodge. The Street Academy trivia team.

Let’s do this. 😀