Gatorade Zero Lime Cucumber drink tastes like ass. There, I said it.

I like Gatorade Zero. It’s refreshing and it’s a low-sugar alternative for me.

Usually I get the orange Gatorade Zero or the blue Gatorade Zero or the white Gatorade Zero, they all taste great.

Yesterday, I tried this Gatorade Zero formula.

That’s right. Gatorade Zero – lime cucumber flavor.

Listen, I’m thinking it’s just a different flavor and tastes just as refreshing as the other Gatorade Zero bottles at the gas station.

So I bought a bottle of it.

Took a sip.

Ugh. You can definitely taste the cucumber in this drink. And lots of it.

I tried another sip.

Yucch. Tastes awful.

One more try.

Blecch. It feels like I’m drinking cucumber-flavored Palmolive.

Only one thing to do.

Went to the kitchen sink and dumped the remaining contents down the drain.

Listen … stuff like this happens. You want to try a new product, you want to expand your palate, and not limit yourself to only a couple of comfortable choices.

But what in the name of Stokley Van Camp did Gatorade do here? Auggh. 24 hours later, and I’ve still got that godawful taste in my mouth.

That does it. This morning, on my way to the day job, if I stop at the gas station and I see the Gatorade coolers – and they’ve still got this lime cucumber abomination …

I’m purchasing a Red Bull instead.

For sure.