Another TRON “Arcade Aid” challenge!

Back in the spring, there was a viral online video game trivia challenge for the upcoming movie TRON: Legacy.  By visiting a certain website, you had to find all 56 hidden video game titles in a gigantic poster.  If you found all 56, you would receive a special prize – in my case, I received a mockup of an ENCOM security badge, with my picture laminated inside.  Nice.

Last Friday, I discovered that there weren’t just 56 hidden video games.  The website had actually added more than 110 additional video game titles, and expanded the poster.  So now, you have to find 167 hidden video game titles to earn another special prize.

Here’s the link to TRON’s Arcade Aid game.  A screen shot is shown below.

It took a long while, but I was able to find the missing titles.  After about 90 images recovered, I received an online encouragement from the game.  Once I reached 125 titles, the computer asked if my mailing information was up to date.

Some of the titles were so freakin’ obscure, I couldn’t believe I actually got them right.  But I did.  And finally, after I found the 167th and final title, I received notification that I had completed the challenge, and that I would receive another special prize in the mail.

Again, if the movie TRON is one-tenth the level of this viral marketing campaign, this is going to be one freakin’ awesome motion picture.

Can’t wait.