2010: The Last Year of Kodachrome Film – my third art book!

One year ago, I created my first art book through blurb.com, a photographic collection of the faded painted brick ads on local buildings. The book, “Ghost Signs of the Capital District,” was published through blurb.com and did quite well for itself.

I then created my second art book in October 2010, a collection of photographs with inspirational verse. That book, “Motivations Vol. 1,” helped me get through a very tough time in my life – and I’ve heard from others who also felt that the photos and texts helped them as well.

So after all that, I thought… maybe it’s time for another art book.

And this time, it’s an art book based on a film type rather than on a subject or genre.

Yep.  It’s an art book of my year with Kodachrome film.

I collected dozens of my best photographs – everything from skylines to skyscrapers, from flowers to fireworks – and combined them into my third Blurb.com art book, “2010: The Last Year of Kodachrome Film.”

Here’s a preview of the book itself.

From March 2010 – the first day I put a roll of Kodachrome 200 in my Kiev-19 camera, to the last shot I took on December 26, 2010, I traveled throughout the Capital District, the Mohawk Valley, New England and Canada, catching the world through the saturated symmetry of the 75-year-old slide film.

This 40-page book is now available for purchase through Blurb.com, as are my two other books, “Ghost Signs of the Capital District” and “Motivations, Vol. 1”.

“2010: The Last Year of Kodachrome Film” is available in two different hardcover editions (dust jacket and no dust jacket) through blurb.com. You can view the entire book in a low-resolution format above; or you can purchase a copy by clicking on the appropriate link.

This project meant a great deal to me – it was really the first time I ever worked with “film” as opposed to digital.  I learned a lot with this book; and I’m happy for the experience.

And I hope all of you enjoy my third art book.