The Blue Star Flag

So here’s the deal.  Since my daughter Cassaundra is going to spend the entire 2012 calendar year in Kuwait with her National Guard unit, I contacted the Albany chapter of the Blue Star Mothers, asking for information on how to join.

I received a response back from Janet Moran of the Albany chapter, alerting me to their website.   Because I’m technically not a “mother” – although I do know some people who have pejoratively used the prefix “mother-” when describing me – I can only join the organization as an associate member.  So this soon-to-be Blue Star Father filled out the application and submitted it to the organization.

But now I needed to get my mitts on a blue star flag.  Gotta hang something in the window, for sure.  And thankfully, Grantham University came to the rescue.

Grantham University, a distance-learning college that has a long history of helping veterans continue their education, provides a free blue star flag to anyone who requests one.  Just go to this link, fill in your name and address, and a blue star flag arrives in the mailbox in six weeks.

I’m also thinking about ordering a custom-made “blue star flag” quilt, with Cassaundra’s name and rank on it, from a company called Dave’s Quilts. Dave and Wendy England manufacture various military remembrance flags to honor veterans and those who currently serve.   The company makes blue star flags and quilts for those who are now in conflict; they also produce silver star flags (for those wounded in battle) and gold star flags (I don’t want to think about gold star flags right now).

With the support of the Blue Star Mothers, as well as the kind words I’ve received from those of you who read my blog, I might actually get through this.