I love cameras as much as the next person … but … um…

Andy Gregory, one of the many authors of the Times Union’s CRUMBS blog, sent me this little video clip.  It’s a time-lapse shot of a person getting a tattoo.

So I’m watching it, and frame by frame, step by step, I see the person getting a standard twin-lens reflex camera tattooed on their forearm… then a roll of 35mm film tattooed on their forearm… then a box camera (sorta looks like it was inspired by an Ansco Shur-Shot) tattooed on their forearm.  All in time-lapse photography.

The person getting the ink is Dabe Alan, a Portland-based photographer. The tattooed work, which he calls “Work in Progress,” shows him getting “inked” with images of his favorite cameras and gear.

Here’s part one…

and part two… in which tattoos of a bellows camera and of an SLR are added to the arm.

and here’s part three.  Gotta add a DSLR to the arm.  And a mouse?

These three videos comprise twelve hours of “sitting time” for the tattoos.   Over 3,000 photographs were taken and sewn together with Final Cut Pro.