Kodachrome film could become “Kodachrome: The Movie.”

Remember last year when I – along with thousands of other shutterbugs – took the last photos with Kodachrome film and sent them off to Dwayne’s Photo?  You would have thought that Parsons, Kansas was the greatest tourist attraction in the Midwest; people were driving from all over the nation to get their film to that processing lab before Kodachrome processing ended forever.

Well, apparently someone has decided to actually make a feature film about the last days of Kodachrome.  Nice.

According to this link, DreamWorks Film Studios originally came up with the idea for a feature film about a father and son who travel from New York to Kansas, in an attempt to transfer their final Kodachrome shots onto developable slides before the December 30, 2010 development deadline.  Among the directors that are being considered for this project – Shawn Levy, who directed the successful “Night at the Museum” movie and this week’s “Real Steel” film.  The story will be based on a New York Times article about the final week in which anyone could shoot Kodachrome film.

If DreamWorks doesn’t make the film, then Fox might.  Variety reported last spring that Fox had the right of first refusal for any of Levy’s films, so apparently this film is part of a bidding war among the major studios.

I’m not sure how much of a story you  can make about the film itself – unless you include side stories like the one about the gentleman who had 10,000 rolls of undeveloped Kodachrome in a freezer, and spent about $8,000 developing them on the final day.

I’ll definitely have to check this film out at some point.  If they ever do make it.