Miniature golf… it’s all skill… and a little luck…

So here’s the deal.  While everybody else is watching the Masters this weekend… I’m going to hone up on my putting skills.  This is important.  If I want to do well at this upcoming Times Union Community Bloggers Minigolf Tournament, I have to make sure I can get da ball in da hole without flinging da club into da tree.

Trust me.  I’m going up against three excellent minigolfers – Jason Purvis, Stephanie Snyder and Jeannine Trimboli – so I can’t slack.  Not at all.

Now originally I thought about watching some minigolf training videos – i.e., when putting, always make sure your buddy holds the windmill blades still – but then I came across some other minigolf videos, which I hope you enjoy on this excellent Friday.

Here’s one.  The ball gets trapped in a water hazard.  As the guy tries to actually putt the ball out of the water, a fountain shoots up – levitating the ball to about knee height; at which time our junior grade Rory McIlroy tries to hit it off the fountain and into the water.  Great comment by one of the golfer’s buddies – “IT’S AH GHOST BALL!!”

In Colorado, there’s a minigolf place with a hole called “Liliputt.”  All it takes is one putt off the tee… and your ball goes on its own little adventure.

Now here’s one where the guy looks like he putted the ball from inside a storage closet. Off a rock. Onto the green.

So you don’t have a minigolf place nearby? Do like these guys did, and create your own indoor golf course! And check out their hole in one attempts – ricocheting off this cardboard marker, over this tube… nothing but hole.

I didn’t know this, but there are actual professional minigolfers out there. In fact, here’s a tournament round between two minigolfers – who both hit holes in one on the same hole. Which, for me, would be about a par 5.

I’m not sure where this minigolf hole is… but apparently it’s about as long as the runway at an airport.

Meanwhile, the Sullivan family apparently never misses – look at all the holes in one they scored at a minigolf course in Ocean City, N.J.!

Oh, and by the way…

Please join Stephanie Snyder, Jeannine Trimboli, Jason Purvis and me for the first ever Times Union Community Bloggers Minigolf Tournament. We’re golfing to raise money for various charities, and you can donate to our charities by visiting this page..

Then join us on May 12, when we take on the miniature golf course at FunPlex Fun Park in East Greenbush. We’re going to have a good time, and we encourage you to join us!