111,111 and 111.1

So last Saturday, while driving on my trip to Boston, I noticed that my 2005 Saturn Ion’s odometer was was coming close to a cool number.  I had already passed 75,000 miles, and I reached 100,000 miles a while back.  And yes, I know it means that I passed 80,085 miles, stop giggling like Beavis and Butt-head, I know what 80,085 miles means in l33tsp33k.

Actually… I was passing 111,000 miles on the car – and just for a lark, I reset the trip counter on Cardachrome.

Now it’s not safe for the driver of the car to operate a camera and a steering wheel at the same time.  Yeah, I should be focused on the highway and not on the odometer.  Still, while my regular film and digital cameras were in the back seat, and without a place to pull over safely, I reached for my handy-dandy RCA Small Wonder mini-video camera.  And I got this little video clip.

Did you see?  Here’s a still picture of the odometer.

111,111 miles at a 111.1 trip. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Now that’s cool.  Check back with me when I reach 222,222 miles with a 222.2 tripmeter.  HA!

Oh, and by the way…

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