¡El Tabador!

Forget the Verizon “can you hear me now” guy.  Don’t worry about dropping a pin for Sprint.  And I’m sorry, pink T-Mobile girl, no matter how hot you are, you’re not the most memorable cell phone salesperson.

That honor would have to go to a Canadian pitchman by the name of El Tabador.

El Tabador is a two-inch-high lucha libre wrestler who shills for a Canadian phone company called Koodo.  And these have to be the goofiest commercials I have ever seen – to the point where I don’t care about the phone itself, I just want to see the latest adventures of this funny little pitchman and how much far he can push the envelope on national television.

Again, I should alert you that these commercials, even though they air on broadcast television in Canada, might be a bit “borderline” for viewing at work.  Hence, that’s why I’m posting them on a Saturday blog post.

For example, here’s El Tabador as he compares getting a Christmas tree (or, as he calls it, a “holiday tree”) to acquiring a workable cell phone plan.

And nothing says holiday spirit like El Tabador’s bare skin on a bearskin rug.

This commercial is pretty funny, it has El Tabador getting a tattoo to celebrate Koodo being the nation’s #1 cell phone provider.

How this specific commercial got past the censors, I’ll never know. But then again, if the other two commercials I posted made it to broadcast television, then this one should also have – ahem – the same kind of buzz.

I’m not sure I would ever hire El Tabador as a babysitter… but someone out there did so.

And I’m not sure how El Tabador would fit on an episode of The Bachelor… but he may someday replace Flavor Flav as an eligible suitor with commercials like this.

And finally, here’s a “mockumentary” about El Tabador’s support of cell phone freedom. Do you recognize the former WWE / WCW champion wrestler who agreed to participate in the mockumentary?

Fun fun stuff. And a great way to garner a good laugh on the weekend!