Definitely a “long distance dedication”

During my workday, I tend to listen to streaming audio stations through my computer.  You can have your Pandora and your Spotify; for me, it’s fun to listen to radio stations from other parts of the country – WCBS-FM in New York City, KROQ in Los Angeles, WOGL in Philadelphia, for starters.  And then I have some presets for international stations – CKOC in Hamilton, Ontario, for example.

One of the stations I enjoy listening to at work is Magic 1278, a classic oldies station from Melbourne, Australia.  When I’m listening to it in New York, the station is actually broadcasting its overnight lineup, so there’s plenty of music and few commercials.  And by the afternoon, I’m enjoying Magic 1278’s “Breakfast Show” with Kevin and Jane.

So on Monday, Kevin and Jane were asking trivia questions, and one of the questions involved the film that won an Academy Award for best foreign language film – a film with only one letter in its title.  Of course, it was the French political thriller “Z”, but that’s besides the point.  After the trivia question was asked, and the person who called in received a prize, Kevin and Jane tried to think of some bands whose name began with the letter “Z” – or, as those in the British Empire would say, “Zed.”

At the time, all they could come up with was the Zombies.

That’s all?  Just the Zombies?

Well, I could come up with at least a few more – ZZ Top and Frank Zappa, for example.  But those groups would never get played on a “beautiful classic oldies” station like Magic 1278, which was more inclined to play Neil Sedaka or Air Supply.

Then I realized – there certainly ARE a few groups whose name begin with the letter Z.

There’s the pop duo Zager and Evans, with their big one-hit wonder song, “In The Year 2525.”

I also remembered there was an Australian rock band from the 1970’s called the Zoot, whose lineup included a pre-fame Rick Springfield.

I sent an e-mail to the Kevin and Jane radio show, not expecting anything special.

Yesterday, I received something special.

Kevin and Jane actually acknowledged my e-mail, although they had me located in New York City instead of Albany, but hey it’s close enough for government work.

In fact, take a listen.

How cool is that? Pretty cool, as far as I’m concerned.