K-Chuck Radio: Will love keep us together?

It’s a great pop song from the 1970’s, and it launched the career of one of the most popular pop duos of that era.  That’s right, it’s The Captain and Tennille, with their breakthrough hit of 1975, “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Great song.  Have a listen.

But the song itself was originally written by singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka, and was an album track on one of his 70’s LP’s – one of the LP’s that was recorded prior to his 1975 “Laughter in the Rain” comeback.

At some point in time, a hitmaking duo actually recorded a cover version of this song. No, I’m not talking about the Captain and Tennille. The hitmaking duo I’m referring to is Mac and Katie Kissoon, whose other big hit was a track called “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.” No, I’m not making that song title up.  Don’t make me go looking on YouTube for it.

So how popular was this song? The Captain and Tennille actually had two versions of this song hit the Hot 100 in 1975 – the version we all know and love, as well as a Spanish language version. You can hear it on this YouTube clip, just fast-forward to about 3:15 of the video clip.

Now for some – shall we say – interesting renditions of this song. First off, let’s have Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra perform a version of the song, with spirited dancing by Bobby and Cissy. An’ a-one, an’ a two…

Now how about a version of this song that combines Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers with lounge singer Jimmy Scott?

And here, from the Muppet Show, is Leslie Uggams performing the song with Big Bird. Lord have mercy…

Okay, promise you won’t throw any rocks at your computer monitor. After all those inspired versions of “Love Will Keep Us Together…” you get to hear the version by Nickelback.


I guess, in the end, it’s nice to know that a song that brought joy to a lot of hearts in the 1970’s is still getting respect today. Of course, if we don’t count that version by Nickelback… oh my ears…