This May, come to “A Dream in the Dash”

I haven’t been able to announce the full details of this just yet – most of what has happened has involved “behind the scenes” negotiations and the like – but today, I definitely want to share some of the good news with all of you.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Kelly Grimaldi, the historian for St. Agnes Cemetery.  The Cemetery recently renovated their “map room,” a chamber adjacent to the Cemetery’s main offices, into what will become a new art gallery and mediation and reflection room, and the plan is to feature the works of local artists on a 60-day rotation basis in that room.

And the first artist to get their work featured in this new Map Room Art Gallery?


Dream Window 6 - The Beacon
"Dream Window 6: The Beacon," one of the pieces that will be displayed at my gallery show, "A Dream in the Dash."

That’s right, my beloved blog readers, this is big fat exciting news.  This coming May, my photos and artworks and Dream Windows will be featured in a solo gallery show, a show that will also serve as the debut of the St. Agnes Cemetery art gallery.

I’ve had my art previously shown in collective shows, such as those at the Photo Center of Troy, and the last two Historic Albany Foundation “BUILT” shows.  But this will be my first solo gallery show.

Will there be award-winning photographs and framed artworks there, including some of my most popular images?  Yes.

Will there be some Dream Windows there, including ones that are still currently in stages of completion?  Of course.

And will you be able to purchasable some of these artworks for your home or office?  You betcha.

The show will tentatively have the collective name of “A Dream in the Dash.”  It’s based on the concept of “the dash” as a construct of our life.  This archived blog post will explain.  The show will open in May 2013 and run for two months.

As we get closer to the opening night, I’ll keep you updated on what artworks are going to be shown.  But as you can see from this blog post, there’s at least one Dream Window that will be displayed.

This is big.  Big like dancing around the room like Snoopy in a Peanuts special big.

I’m hoping that you can attend the show’s Opening Night.  You and I have been together through all my ups and downs, my peaks and my valleys.  Currently I’m heading toward another peak.  Come join me at the summit.

Sure feels good to say this.

Chuck is happy.