“A Dream in the Dash” – more pictures announced!

Okay, so you know of at least four artworks that will be on display beginning May 17th at the St. Agnes Cemetery “Living Room” art gallery and meditation area.  One Dream Window (number 6, “The Beacon”) and three prints (“Night Train to Heaven”, “The Agfa Bridge Over Ansco Lake,” and “The Lenten Meal”).

Wanna find out what other artworks I’m submitting for the show?

Sure you do.

Okay, here’s four more for the event.  The show will include:


This award-winning photograph was taken on the cemetery grounds, at about oh let’s say midnight or so.  Probably my first really successful attempt at a star trail picture.  I shot this picture in May of 2010, and used my Nikon D700 camera with my Kiev MIR-24H fisheye lens, and mounted it on my old Quantaray tripod.

Star Trail in St. Agnes Cemetery, Albany NY


This took some serious coordination between myself and the Thacher Park front office, but I did get this nice shot in June 2010 off the Helderberg Escarpment in Thacher Park.  What a breathtaking view.  And the coin-operated viewfinder was a nice touch, don’tcha think?  So there will be two “star trail” pictures on display at the show.  Again, Nikon D700 camera with Kiev MIR-24H fisheye lens.

Star Trails of Thacher Park


This was an early picture I took back in 2010, as part of my “Ghost Signs” phase of capturing faded brickads around the Capital District.  To get this picture, I shot a 30-second exposure with my Nikon D700; it was taken before I discovered the wonderful world of neutral-density filters.

Bond Clothes ghost sign at night, Albany NY - DSC_6095


This is a more recent release, it was taken with my Trio3D camera last December and was entered in the Photo Center of Troy’s “One Day: 12-12-12” exhibit.  The film used?  Generic Fuji 200 film.  Ain’t no Instagram framing filter on that picture.

12 to the Third Power

I’ll have room at the gallery for at least three or four more pictures, and maybe another Dream Window if I get it finished in time for the show.

I know it’s less than two months away.  But it’s like waiting for Christmas to arrive.  I so very much want this event to be the best it possibly can be.  That’s the important part.  This is my chance for people and possible patrons to purchase a photograph, a picture, a piece of popularity at a professional price.

And by May, spring will be here.  No more snow.  Full blooming tulips, bluebirds and green grass all over the Capital District.  And the art show will open, and my pieces will hang from the gallery walls at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room.”

This feels good.

And I like the idea of “feels good” in my life.