More pictures for “A Dream In The Dash”

The May 17, 2013 date is arriving quickly.  And I’m rapidly going through my archives, trying to find the best photos and frame them up in the best and most effective ways possible.  If for nothing else, I want to make sure that my artworks at my first solo show, “A Dream In The Dash,” will impress.   Heck, someone might actually want to purchase some of these right off the wall.

Now if you’re looking to add this opening night to your calendar, here’s a Facebook link to the event itself.

So with that in mind, let me announce the next four artworks that will be on display at “A Dream In The Dash,” which debuts May 17, 2013 at the St. Agnes Cemetery “Living Room” art gallery and mediation area.  They will include:


One of two Kodachrome photos in the show, “Barn Versus Weeds” was taken in August 2010 in Saratoga County, at what appears to be an abandoned barn on Route 9W in Greenfield Center.  The weeds have commandeered the interior of the barn, and are fighting their way out of an open entranceway.

Barn Versus Weeds


My recent Saints Rest Beach photograph, with the sunrise and the colorful rocky-sandy shore.   A picture like this invokes plenty of emotion and contemplation for me.  And I hope people enjoy the image and what it represents.

Low Tide at Sunrise


My recent experimentation with blending Svema film and HDR processing gave me this snowy, gritty, ironic juxtaposition of a summertime treat with wintertime chills.

Jericho Drive-In: Ice Cream Open in winter, Glenmont, N.Y.


Oh you thought I was going to have my first art show and NOT include this artwork?  Silly you… of COURSE I’m going to include this artwork among the others.  No way am I leaving this image out of the mix.

Midnight at the Palace Theater

More pictures will be announced as the date gets closer.  Please, please come to the event.  You never know.  You might actually want to buy one of these pictures and take it home for your personal collection!