Less than three weeks to go…

And I’m as nervous as a balloon in a pincushion factory.

“A Dream in the Dash,” my first-ever solo art show, will have its debut on Friday, May 17, at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room” art gallery and meditation space, 48 Cemetery Road, Menands.

I’m waiting for my last artwork to get framed up – an orante, extra-special version of Midnight at the Palace Theater – and maybe I can get a second Dream Window done in time for the show.  That, plus several other classic and new Chuck Miller photos and artworks, all available at various prices.  The event already received some mention in the Times Union’s Arts Talk column, so there’s no backing down now.  I’ve even been mentioned in The Spotlight as an upcoming show in the Living Room.  And anybody recognize the byline of the reporter on that Spotlight story?  Yep, it’s former Times Union blogger Zan Strumfeld.

This is major.  And I keep thinking about what I should include and what I shouldn’t include.  Some of my artworks and photos were left off the list of my solo show, either because of space considerations or I just didn’t feel that they were my best works.  I don’t want to overwhelm everybody with 75 different pictures and photos.  Just put up the best of the best.

Trust me, these pictures are being crafted and constructed with the best possible tools out there.  McGreevy Pro Lab printed the lion’s share of my pictures, while Hobby Lobby has framed so many of them for the show, framers Gene and Laura already have my order forms filled out five seconds after they know I’m in the store.  Much thanks.

As for the Dream Windows, I count on my glasscutters – Nassau Merchandise trimmed up most of my glass plates, while Chapman Stained Glass took care of my colored glass needs.  Thank you to all.

And how about this… I just found out that one of the guests at the show’s official opening will be Bishop Howard Hubbard.  He plans to dedicate the “Living Room” art center, as well as a stained glass installation in honor of Brian Elk, that Friday evening.  The last time I saw Bishop Hubbard, he gave the eulogy at Sister MaryEllen Harmon’s funeral, and I also know that he worked with Brother Mark Lull, who helped me get through one of the darkest times in my life.

This is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.

Oh and there’s one more person to thank for this art show even existing.

Michael Huber.

Why Michael Huber, the blog boss at the Times Union?

Think about this for a second.  In August of 2009, he took a chance by adding me to the TU blogfarm.  And in making sure I keep putting fresh content on this blog page every day – and the continuous blogging streak continues to this day – I’ve challenged myself to improve my work with my cameras.  I’ve explored everything from slitscan to splitfilm, from lo-fi to HDR, all in the name of improving my skills and taking you on the journey with me.  Without Huber’s initial support, I would probably still be shooting with my old Nikon D70 and leaving it at that.  So thanks, boss.

And thanks also to Kelly Grimaldi and the staff at St. Agnes Cemetery for not only contacting me for this project, but being so supportive and excited about the event itself.  I’m really, really stoked that this has come to pass.  More stoked than you can possibly imagine.

So if all goes well, I should be picking up my final framed artwork for the show by the end of this week.  And after I blog about my latest Dream Window creation, that’ll get taken over – along with Dream Window #6: The Beacon – to the gallery, along with the other photos and artworks.

Can’t wait.  It’s almost like I want to go to bed at 4:30pm on December 24th if it means waking up on Christmas morning.

And I hope you’re able to come to the show during its two-month run at St. Agnes, and if you’re able, to please join me on Friday, May 17, for the debut itself.  Besides, you will have a chance to see Chuck being happy without resorting to the #chuckishappy hashtag.  🙂