“A Dream in the Dash” – the downloadable catalog!

Friday’s the day.  I haven’t been this nervous in years.  This is now an opportunity for my work to be seen on its own – not as part of a multi-person gallery show or in a competition, but as its own distinct entity.

“A Dream in the Dash.”  My very first art show.  Debuting at “The Living Room,” the art gallery and meditation area at St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands.

For the past few weeks I’ve fretted over which pictures to submit, how big I should make the prints, how they should be framed, which picture goes with which picture when they’re hung, etc.  They’re all hanging this morning.  All on display.

And if you’re going to the event this Friday evening, or if you plan on seeing the art show during the months of May and June, I’ve got a very special treat for you.

If you have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can view and download the booklet that describes each artwork, as well as the prices.  There will be a copy of this gallery book at the Living Room itself; but you can also click here to download a free copy of the booklet.  That way, you can see what is on display, and even determine which art piece or pieces you would like for your home or office.

Be warned, it might take a little while to download to your computer.  But I assure you, it’s worth the wait.

All the images are up on the walls of St. Agnes Cemetery now, and in the downloadable catalog you can see the backstories of each picture – how I came up with the idea, why the photo has special meaning to me, and everything in between.

I hope to see you this Friday, beginning at 4:30, at St. Agnes Cemetery’s “Living Room,” 48 Cemetery Drive in Menands.  And maybe, just maybe, there might be a photo or an artwork that, once the show ends in June, can find its way to your home or office.