The sound of 3WD

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about a radio station promotional record from the 1960’s, a record that sang, in less than two minutes, the praises of Albany, New York.

That got the attention of one of my Facebook friends, disc jockey Richie Norris.  Norris and I are both former disc jockeys for radio station 3WD, an AM Top 40 station that operated from 1975 to 1988 and today exists as sports talk station WPTR.  Yeah, I’m not used to those call letters at THAT position on the radio dial, but it is what it is.

Richie provided me with an MP3 of old 3WD jingles and call signs, and – since it was a rainy night and I didn’t feel like going out to get wet – I decided to combine the jingles with an old 3WD bumper sticker graphic… and after adding another jingle at the end of the clip, I did what anyone else would do.

I uploaded the file to YouTube.  Why?

So you can click on the button and actually hear those classic Top 40 jingles and stingers, live from Center City.

Take a listen and enjoy!!

Man, it’s times like this I wish I could just go back to Center City and strap on those headphones, bring the microphone on live, and announce the next batch of hits.

Unfortunately, the broadcast booth is probably now the kitchen at Bombers Burrito Bar.