The Earrings

For weeks, I planned this vacation.  A New York City holiday weekend with my girlfriend Nicole.  Would we have time for this?  Yes.  Would we have time for that?  Maybe.  Can we get from Point A to Point B without hopping three subway cars?  Possibly.

And among all the plans that day was a trip to Radio City Music Hall to see their 2013 Christmas Spectacular.  I purchased three tickets – one for me, one for Nicole and one for Nicole’s daughter Jessica (whose LadySpaz movie reviews are worth checking out, go to the link on my blogroll whydon’tcha).

Nicole and I met up with Jessica at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – oh it’s absolutely beautiful, you must see it – and on the way to Radio City Music Hall, the three of us did some window shopping.  And on occasion, we did some “shopping” shopping.  Of course, when the chilly wind is blowing in Christmastime in New York City, you spend a few minutes inside the stores to stay warm.

One of the stores we visited was a Swarovski crystal store.  And among all the trinkets and treasures in the store, I watched as Nicole looked through the collections of earrings.  She would put an earring up to her ear, glance in a mirror, smile with that million-wattage smile of hers, and then put the earring pair back.

What she didn’t know at the time was that I was keeping tabs on how many times she put the earrings to her ears.  One set of earrings – hoops decorated with Swarovski crystals – kept catching her eye.  She would put the earrings to her ears, look in the mirror, smile some more…

I counted.  She admired that pair three times.  Then four times.  And when she put them to her ear a fifth time…

That’s it.  Five times, it’s for reals.  I told the cashier I wanted those earrings.  Five times she admires them, that’s the threshold.   One swipe of my Rainy Day Credit Card, and the cashier put the earrings in a blue Swarovski box.  Then she put that box in a small blue Swarovski gift bag.

After a tasty lunch at a coal-fired pizza place, the three of us made our way to Radio City Music Hall.  A security guard checked our shopping bags.  All was well.  We were ushered to the grand ballroom on the basement level, and we admired the grand chandelier and the holiday displays.

A few moments later, everything changed.

We had several bags between the three of us.

But as we checked our bags…

The Swarovski tote bag was gone.

After a few moments of the three of us thinking that one of the other three of us had the earrings… panic sets in.  We try to retrace our steps.  Could they have been left in the restroom?  Could they have been left at one of the souvenir stands?  Could they have been left at that Lincoln Continental MKX display that I was half-admiring?

No luck.  The earrings were gone.

And at that moment, I felt scared.  This whole holiday vacation was ruined.  I bought those earrings for Nicole not just as a gift, but as a sign of the brightness she brought to my life.   The warmth she brought to my heart.  The joy she brought to my soul.

And now this holiday trip was turning into a disaster.

There was only one chance left.  One chance in a million.

I asked one of the ushers if Radio City Music Hall had a Lost and Found Department, on the remote possibility that a kind-hearted New Yorker might have found the earrings and turned them in.  He directed me to the first level.  Another security guard guided me to an exit area where Lost and Found was located.

My heart was pounding faster than a Devo drum track.  My mind was racing.  Please.  I need a miracle and I need it right now.

The Lost and Found area was located near one of the Radio City Music Hall exits.

“Can I help you?’ the security guard at the Lost and Found station asked me.

“Please,” I said, with my soul shouting prayers to whatever ethereal being would hear them.  “I lost a pair of earrings.  They were in a blue Swarovski gift box, in a blue Swarovski tote bag.”

“Can you describe them for me?”

“Yes,” I blubbered.  “They’re two hoop earrings, and there are Swarovski crystals all around the body of the earrings, and my girlfriend admired them five times at the store and she means everything in the world to me and – ”

The security guard handed me a pen.  And he told me…

“I need you to sign for them.”

And with that, he reached under his desk, and pulled out the blue Swarovski gift bag.  I could see the gift box inside.

The earrings were found.  Wherever they were, whatever happened to them, another security guard found them and immediately brought them to the Lost and Found area.

“Thank you thank you thank you,” I breathed in relief as I signed the security release form.  And with the bag in hand – and by “in hand,” I mean with a G.I. Joe kung-fu grip on the bag handles, I returned to the grand ballroom with the treasure in tow.

Once I saw Nicole and Jessica in the grand ballroom, we checked the box again – just in case – and there they were.  Two hoop earrings, with crystals that sparkled just like the Radio City Music Hall grand chandeliers.

The earrings were found.

And after the Christmas spectacular – which you MUST see if you have the opportunity – I made sure that we exited Radio City Music Hall through the exit near the Lost and Found station.

I took this exit route for one reason.  I wanted to tell the security people how thankful I was that they found my girlfriend’s earrings, and that she and they were reunited.  And to wish them and the staff at Radio City Music Hall a happy Christmas.

Listen, I realize that the security crew were just doing their job.

And it’s because they did their job – our holiday weekend was beautiful, magical, and memorable.

All for the best reasons.