Gaston really IS better than you…

I have many friends who visit the various Disney theme parks as often as they can. They really enjoy the experience, and they love interacting with the Disney park employees – er, “cast members,” as they’re properly termed. My friends know all the secrets about having a great time at a Disney park – what rides to visit first, what hotels to stay at, all of that.

They even know the Disney cast member rules; for example, you can’t have two Donald Duck cast members within sight of each other, as it would destroy the illusion of one “Donald Duck” character wandering the park.  Cast members must stay in costume and keep those big costumed heads on at ALL TIMES – nothing would freak a kid out more than seeing a human head on top of a Goofy body.

But the most important rule for cast members – they MUST STAY IN CHARACTER.  Cinderella and Snow White and Princess Aurora and Elsa and Anna must always appear sweet and friendly and willing to pose for pictures with children.  Of course.

The other day, a tourist at a Disney park happened to interrupt a performance by a cast member who was dressed as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.  Of course, the tourist thought he was hot stuff and actually challenged the cast member to a push-up contest.  Because, as you know, Gaston never backs down from a challenge.  And this cast member actually earned his Disney Dollars, if you know what I mean.

Wow.  What you have just seen is a Disney cast member completely pwning a tourist and having fun doing it.  Nice.

And I guess that’s part of the magic of a Disney Parks visit.