K-Chuck Radio: A Playlist for Peter Hooley

The University at Albany’s Great Danes just made the NCAA tournament.  And for a change, they’re neither the #16 seed, nor are they one of the “play-in game” entrants.  Because nothing says disrespect like having to play an extra game just to be cannon-fodder to Kentucky.

Of course, everybody saw what happened on Saturday morning, right?

So for the first time in a long time, I’m turning over K-Chuck Radio to create a person-specific blog post, and this one is for the Great Danes’ sharp-shooting hero.

I’m sure Peter Hooley had a long journey to get to this moment. But as every Australian knows, it’s definitely a long way to the top…

And certainly when you make a three-point shot from the top of the key to win the big game … everybody’s gonna read about it.

The news is going to spread from the center of the nation, glowing like a big monolith called Uluru.

And it doesn’t matter if they’re playing Oklahoma or Kentucky or the New York Knicks next… all that matters is that the Great Danes have another scene to fulfill.

And maybe, for a split second, basketball became the number one sport Down Under, surpassing this sport for just a moment.

And let’s face it. Peter Hooley’s completely a working class man, right?

And once the Danes put together a nice lead against Oklahoma, someone on the Sooner bench is probably going to mumble, “Things just don’t seem to be going right…”

And if you haven’t heard that this kid just propelled the University at Albany to the big dance, then turn up your freakin’ radio!

And I couldn’t resist adding this ultra-rare version of a very popular song to the playlist… just for this special occasion.

And no matter what, never forget where you came from. Never forget that you brought your heritage to this 2015 America East championship team. Never forget.

Because you know who’s celebrating this effort of yours? Of course… Absolutely everybody!

So this is today’s extra-special K-Chuck Radio blog post.

Good on ya, Peter Hooley. Good on ya, mate.