A celebration of Dustin Mele

This Saturday, at Revolution Hall in Troy, there will be a special concert and fundraiser in celebration and in memory of Dustin Mele.

The Dustin Mele memorial concert and fundraiser will feature such legendary Capital District bands as Super 400, Emerald City, the Ernie Williams Band and many others.  The concert will raise awareness and support for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; we only get one shot in this thing we call “life,” and every moment is precious.  Whatever we can do to prevent men and women from thinking that the only solution in life is to end that solution of life, we must do.

To that end, as part of the fundraiser, I’ve donated one of my framed photo artworks for the event.

The Black Bridge in a Polar PanoramaThe artwork, entitled The Bridge To Infinity, was taken in 2013 as a polar panorama over the Black Bridge that spans Green Island to Van Schaick Island.  At one point in time, the Black Bridge, an old D&H Railroad crossing, was in disrepair and caused danger to anyone who would dare traverse it.  Today, the span has been restored and repaired, and is now part of a safe hiking / biking trail that connects the two islands.

The artwork symbolizes the chasm we all face in our lives; the personal chasm that we feel we cannot cross.   It also symbolizes the man-made bridge, the restoration of a connection that helps those who cross that sea of despair, into green fields of comfort and protection with those we love; to continue each day not as if it was your last, but as if it was your next.

For more information on the concert and fundraiser, please visit the event’s page on Facebook.  Financial contributions and donations may also be made at this page; please give what you can.