Three weeks to the Spectrum 8 Art Show

It doesn’t seem like the time has passed.  But last year, I made arrangements with the Spectrum 8 theater to present my artworks for a six-week exhibition in their movie lobby.

And this week, I’ve inventoried my pictures, made sure all of them are framed and matted and mounted and ready.

Ten artworks, including classics from the past, will be available for viewing and for purchase at the Spectrum 8 Theater on Delaware Avenue in Albany.  This will be my second solo art show, following 2013’s successful “A Dream in the Dash” event, and I’m psyched that this  exhibition is actually happening.

Among the artworks that can go from the cinema walls to your living room walls are:

The Zipless Chuck
The Zipless Chuck. Kodak 400 film (two rolls), shot in AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3. Zipper added afterwards. Photo by Chuck Miller.
  • Classic shots like The Lenten Meal, The AGFA Bridge Over Ansco Lake and All Hail the Yellow King!
  • New excursions like The Zipless Chuck, L-Ken’s: Instamatic Dichtomy and Lane 2.
  • One of my ultrawide photos from my Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, Falling Skyward.

And I’m still looking toward adding one or two more pieces, depending on how things go.

Each piece has been professionally framed by my good friends at Hobby Lobby, and they did an excellent job with the works.

And I will be at the opening night, May 27, so if you have any questions about “how the heck did he make that picture?” I’m right there to proudly explain how and why and how many tries and my reaction when the picture finally came out the way I wanted.

This is coolness.  Between this, and my pieces that will be part of the Hamilton College alumni art show at Reunions ’15 (just a couple of weeks after the Spectrum 8 show premieres), things are looking up, art-wise.

The Spectrum 8 art show will run from May 27 to July 7, so if you want to see the artworks (and maybe take in a movie or two, because hey… Spectrum 8), don’t wait.

No, really.  Don’t wait.  🙂