A bridge in Hadley

Sometimes it’s finding the right subject, but not having the right film to capture it.

Sometimes it’s having the correct film, but not having the right subject to capture.

A couple of months ago, I discovered the existence of the Hadley Parabolic Bridge, also known as the “Bow Bridge.”  I’ve photographed it with various filters and films and angles and styles.  But nothing I did seemed to make the bridge stand out.  Nothing.  Grr.

A couple of months ago, I began shooting with various infrared films, which capture images past our visual spectrum.  In infrared B&W film, the skies are black with white clouds, trees are white, flowing water is clear.  It’s dreamtime photography, to see those images between alertness and slumber.

Last week, I was in the Adirondacks.  I decided to capture the Hadley Bow Bridge on a beautiful, slightly cloudy day.  By now I’ve finally invested in a B&W infrared photographer’s best friend – a Hoya R72 filter, which blocks visible light up to 720nm from getting into my camera.

My designated infrared camera, the Minolta x370s, is on the tripod.  Focused.  Filtered.  And ready to shoot.


Hadley Parabolic Bridge 1-inf, Hadley, N.Y.
Hadley Parabolic Bridge. Minolta x37s camera, Kodak HIE Infrared film with Hoya R72 filter. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Well now.  This turned out rather nice… the roll of film was fresh, the sky was perfect, and damn that bridge looks nice in infrared.  Short pile for sure, and if I can confirm with the judges as to whether infrared photography is considered traditional or non-traditional photography, I’ll certainly know what categories to earmark for this entry.

Look, I realize that I have several “go to photo” places in the Capital District – Nipper, the Coca-Cola ghost sign in Schenectady, the bridge in Washington Park, I get it, I understand.  And if I go back to the Hadley Bow Bridge tomorrow and take more pictures, so be it.

But if I could only get one shot of the Bow Bridge with this camera… then wham bam look at that, man.

I’ll tell you this, for certain.

Competition season 2015 is looking stronger and stronger for me.
I won’t give up now.  Not at this juncture.  And believe me, if you like these pictures…Then I’ve got a couple more in the pipeline that will knock the toenails off of your toes.