K-Chuck Radio: The Melodysheep Stories

This is a mixture of K-Chuck Radio and Public Broadcasting Service mash-up clips, as crafted by PBS Digital Studios.  And in watching them, I’m reminded of ancient times… in the years of B.C. (Before Cable), when our children’s programming involved watching WMHT and being entertained and educated at the same time.

So when you click on these clips, just remember that Bob Ross and Fred Rogers and Julia Child and LeVar Burton were there to help you grow.  These clips were created by John D. Boswell, a musician, remix artist, and video creator from Washington State who goes by the non de plume of Melodysheep.

Bob Ross taught you to paint happy little trees…

And Fred Rogers showed us that there is wonder and beauty in the world.

And how many of us brought out our parents’ pots and pans to study Julia Child’s latest cooking creation?

How many of us either learned about reading by watching LeVar Burton’s “Reading Rainbow,” or who enjoyed watching “Reading Rainbow” with our children?

Oh look at this – a rarity on public broadcasting, a domestic sitcom.  I’m not sure if Que Pasa, USA? is available on reruns or not… or on DVD or not… but it’s available here.

I almost wonder if, maybe a generation ago, Steve Irwin would have had his own PBS educational show.  I mean, it certainly would have been more entertaining that, oh, I don’t know, Hodge Podge Lodge

Melodysheep also has a series of YouTube clips as part of his “Symphony of Science” series, and if you can get a quartet like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman as part of your show… nice…

And his most recent upload – and a pretty cool one at that – involves the 25th anniversary of the Hubble space telescope. Swank.

Of course, if it’s Saturday morning in the mid-1970’s and I’m plopped in front of my television with a bowl of cereal and four or five hours of Saturday morning cartoons at the ready… this is probably what I’m thinking about…

Fun stuff, eh? Right here on your mind-expanding edition of K-Chuck Radio!