A little scrapple in the morning

Yesterday I did a road trip to south central Pennsylvania – it was a combination “photo day” and “getaway day” and “pickup day” (I acquired a super-swank Dream Window frame that was too delicate to ship).

Before I left the region, I stopped at a local grocery store and purchased a few regional foods – some Seltzer’s deli meats, a shoo-fly pie, and – of all things – a package of scrapple.

A little scrapple in the morning...
A little scrapple in the morning…

At the risk of turning this into a “foodie” blog, I figured I’d at least have to try a package of scrapple at some point in my life.  Scrapple is a mixture of pork and corn meal, and apparently it’s a delicacy in the region.  There are several recipes for this taste treat; I figured I’d try at least one recipe.

Supposedly you are to cut the scrapple into half-inch-thick chunks, fry the chunks in shortening over medium heat, and serve for breakfast.

While the scrapple fried in the pan, I put a couple of English muffin slices in the toaster.  A few flips of the scrapple in the skillet, and the meat turned a nice brownish tint.  Then, after the muffins popped out of the toaster, I placed the scrapple on the toasted breads.


Okay… looks good… I suppose… but it definitely needs something extra.

There was still melted shortening in the pan… you know what they say … waste not, want not.

I re-fired the pan and fried up two medium-sized eggs in the shortening/scrapple broth.

The eggs fried nicely.  I’ve really never used shortening as a cooking agent; mostly I’ve fried my eggs with margarine or butter, so this will be a new taste treat for me.  And since I’m frying eggs for breakfast, I have to add a little Tabasco sauce for that extra kick.

And here’s what came out.

Open-faced eggs and scrapple.
Open-faced eggs and scrapple.

And I can tell you this.  This was a nice wake-me-up breakfast treat.

I don’t know if I cooked the scrapple properly; I didn’t read through five different cookbooks or put in additives like quinoa or acai berries… but I think I did all right.

And I still have a reasonably-sized package of scrapple in case I want to try some other recipes in the future.  As far as I’m concerned, this was something new and unique to try for a day.

Look, I’m the same guy who created the delicacy of Span Stroganoff.  So if I’m okay with that creation…

Then I guess a breakfast of open-faced eggs and scrapple, along with Tabasco sauce… will certainly make me stronger, since it hasn’t killed me. 🙂