My Spectrum 8 Theater Art Show starts Wednesday, please come and see it!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since the last time I had a solo art show.  And now I’m doing it again.

Bonding. Rolleiflex Automat MX camera, Kodak EIR (“Aerochrome”) infrared film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Starting tomorrow, and running until July 7, the Spectrum 8 theater on Delaware Avenue in Albany will host several of my art pieces in their theater lobby.  The artworks, which includes the shot above, Bonding, are designed to not only showcase what I’ve been up to in terms of photographic excursions, but also to celebrate what I’ve been able to achieve with these cameras in the past.

This is way cool, and my sincere thanks and appreciation to the staff at the Spectrum 8 theater.  Last year, I contacted the theater organizers and asked if there was room on the schedule if I was to submit pieces for consideration.  They said yes, and blocked me a time period that coincided with the summer 2015 movie season.  Yeah.

L-Ken's sign with Instamatic Sprocket Holes
L-Ken’s: Instamatic Dichotomy. AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3, Kodak Instamatic and 3M Instamatic film, rolled together and exposed simultaneously. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Some of these shots are totally abstract; others are reflective and contemplative.  For several years now, I’ve taken pictures and made my cameras do things that would, in some cases, violate their warranties.  Two rolls of film in one camera?  No big deal.  Dump the film in the wrong chemicals?  Piece of cake.

Falling Skyward 1
Falling Skyward. Krasnogorsk FT-2 camera, Svema 100 film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

And then, when the concept works – when I can get everything blended together, a quartet made from a violin, a trombone, a snare drum and a Theremin – it can turn into something greater than the original sum of its parts.

So tomorrow morning I’m hanging the pieces.  And tomorrow evening I’ll be at the Spectrum, greeting theater patrons and answering any and all questions about how each image was created.

The Zipless Chuck
The Zipless Chuck. AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3 camera, Kodak 400 film (two rolls), zipper. Photo by Chuck Miller.

I really hope I see you there Wednesday night.  And even if I don’t, I hope you have a great time at the Spectrum – see a movie there, it’s one of the best independent movie houses within a 100-mile radius – and that you enjoy these art pieces.