K-Chuck Radio: More silly 70’s songs

Sometimes I get frustrated when I listen to popular music.  It’s 95% junk.  It’s 97% fluff.  And I say to myself, “The music I enjoyed in the 197o’s wasn’t this painful, was it?”

And then I realize… there were a few chunks of pyrite and feldspar in the gold that was part of my musical history.  It happens.  I get it.  It makes sense.

So on today’s edition of K-Chuck Radio, against my better judgment and while holding my nose with a pee-yewww gesture… I present to you some of the silliest, kitschiest, you-gotta-be-kidding-me tracks of that golden era of popular music.

And let’s begin with…


Listen, these guys had their own Saturday morning television show, and one of the Hudson brothers is actually the father of actress Kate Hudson.  That being said, this has to be a seriously kitschy plug-your-ears-with-caulk-to-make-the-earworms-go-away track.

Dancing (On a Saturday Night)

This piece of pop fluff was a #1 song in Canada.  And immediately I’m reminded of the theme from the South Park movie.

5000 VOLTS
I’m On Fire

Word of note – the lead vocalist in this clip is not the same person whose vocals are on the recording.  As far as I can determine, there are only two reasons why she’s in this clip.  You guess the two reasons for yourself.  It ain’t the guitar players.

Sugar Baby Love

Glam rock at its most painful.  Everybody lean to the left!  Everybody lean to the right!  Dance moves that were inspired by laser blasts attacking the starship Enterprise!

Can’t Stop Myself From Loving You

I’ve played the William Shakespeare version of this song in past K-Chuck blog posts, this is a remake – complete with faux Manhattan Transfer a cappella intro.  God almighty.

Paloma Blanca

Remember this.  Every time you hear the George Baker Selection’s “Little Green Bag” in the Reservoir Dogs movie, that’s the same group that came out with this heavy-violin-and-recorder piece of foam.

We Care About What You Hear

You want to know why Radio Shack is dead today?  It’s because 30 years ago some Radio Shack executive thought it would be a good idea to get into the record business… and this trio was their first signing.  And their last signing.

Disco Duck

In October of 1976, this was the #1 song in the United States.  Yeah, I’m sorry, too.

Let Me Take You Dancing

I’ve blogged about this record before – the producer took Adams’ vocals and sped them up, then added them to a cheezy disco beat.  And even to this day, Bryan Adams will not acknowledge that this record exists.  You know how hard it is to find any clips with this recording?  Every time I find one, Bryan Adams’ legal team takes the song off of YouTube.  But he can’t catch all the uploads… ha ha ha ha ha

Up Your Nose

Good Lord in heaven, I remember when Schenectady radio station 3WD played the grooves out of this track.  Not bad for a song that barely sniffed the Hot 100.

And there we go.  I’ve just crammed ten silly songs in your ear and it’s going to take you all week to get them out.  You’re welcome.  Right here on K-Chuck Radio!!