The blessings of a little help

David Magley, an alumni of the Albany Patroons (he was on the 1983-84 Phil Jackson-coached CBA championship team), is now the commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada.

As part of his duties during the NBL’s offseason, Magley has organized several free agent tryout camps throughout North America.  Free agent tryout camps are great ways for unsigned talent to prove that they can handle the game in this league; and many alumni from those tryout camps have evolved into NBL Canada superstars, and have also found their way to other professional leagues overseas.

A few days ago, Commissioner Magley shared this story on his Facebook page.  And I thought that this message should be shared throughout – not just among basketball fans, but among people who believe in the blessings of a little help.  The story is reprinted verbatim.

Please enjoy.


Yesterday while flying from London to Calgary our plane stopped in Winnipeg for a brief layover…

The last guy on the plane was a severely mentally handicapped young man who could barely walk & of course he sat in my row, by the window…

The lady in the center seat had headphones on & was irritated

As he stepped on my feet on the way to sit down he said “sorry”

He sat down & couldn’t buckle his seat belt, looked at me & with his eyes said “please help”, so I reached over & buckled him in & he said “thank you”

When the flight attendant offered head phones he said “thank you” & looked at me & with his eyes said “please help”, so I opened the wrapper, stuck them in the hand rest & showed him how they work, he said “thank you”

When food came & he couldn’t open his snack, with his eyes he said “please help” & when I did he said “thank you”

When he finished eating he spilled his wrappers & coke can all over, & with his eyes he said “please help”, so I did & he said “thank you”

He later got up for the rest room, stepped on my feet & said “sorry”

He locked himself in the bathroom & I could tell he didn’t know how to open the door, so I got up & unlocked it & he said “thank you”…

In 2 hrs all he ever really said was “sorry” & “thank you” YET I was the one who was BLESSED BY HIM…

He didn’t want to bother anyone & showed such gratitude for the simplest of things, he made me think am I grateful for all the blessings I have been Blessed with?