Baseball’s little funny moments

Joe Garagiola once wrote a very famous book called Baseball Is a Funny Game, in which he recounted stories about the lighter side of the American pastime.  With that in mind, I figured today I would share some funny moments – both on the field and in the announcing booth – that shows that baseball isn’t just nine innings and 27 outs and a couple of home runs now and again.

Now check out this clip from 2007.  It’s a game where the Angels are in Boston, and one of the Boston players hits a pop-fly that looks like it’s headed toward the left field stands.  And…

I sometimes wonder if players don’t have time to eat a healthy meal before a game.  Which might explain this little snack-move by Prince Fielder.

Carlton Fisk will always be one of the greatest catchers in baseball history.  He also is a very head’s-up player, as noted when he tagged out TWO Yankees on a play at the plate.  Well, one of the Yankees was Dale Berra, who wore #2 when Derek Jeter was still in Little League.  And Dale Berra played this like he was still in Little League.

Speaking of Little League plays, I bring you now the footage of San Francisco Giants baserunning gaffe expert Ruben Rivera.  Forget the fact that at one time he was traded away from the Yankees for stealing Derek Jeter’s glove and trying to sell it.  Here he is with the Giants, misunderstanding that you don’t have to tag the base if the outfielder doesn’t catch the pop fly.

Here’s a good one from 2013.  Juan Segura apparently forgot that this is baseball and not fifth grade recess, where you can run to the tree in the playground, touch it, and you’re safe from tags.

Randy Johnson is one of the most feared fireballers in baseball history.  Trust me.  In a spring training game, one of his fastballs took out a seagull.  I’m not showing that video here.  I am showing, however, an All-Star Game clip win which Randy Johnson basically made John Kruk completely give up.

This is kinda cool.  Especially when you consider “fan trying to catch ball at Wrigley Field” and you’re not thinking of the 2003 NLCS.  Watch this footage and it will restore your faith in humanity.

Hey, sign this ball girl up, she can’t be any worse than the Red Sox are dealing with currently!

Pat Venditte is currently in the major leagues, but when he started playing in the New York-Penn League, he showed off a very unique skill.  In fact, when he ran into a switch-hitter from the other team… well this little pas de deux just makes you laugh.

So did Pat Venditte do his little “switch-pitching” stunt in the major leagues?


Rene Lachemann, a bench coach for the Colorado Rockies, offers some staunch advice to a young fan in the stands – including how to take a pee.

And on Labor Day, I hope you enjoy these funny moments that make baseball the best game out there.