Saturday morning TV shows hosted by … WHO??

The golden age of Saturday morning TV shows probably started around the mid-1960’s, and died off around the mid-1990’s.  But during that time, the three (four) networks offered several hours of animated action and adventure shows – as well as some live-action programs.  Some of the shows were quite entertaining; others probably involved a few extra samples of recreational activity.

That being said… can you imagine that there were television shows – that were aimed at children – that were hosted by…

Wait for it…


Yep, the creepy ghoul that once hosted HBO’s R-rated horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt also hosted, for at least one year, a Saturday morning game show.

I kid you not.

“Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House” aired – and later disappeared – from Saturday morning broadcasts.  I guess the only thing “educational” about this show was that it was probably going to get kids to buy 1950’s E.C. magazines and understand the true meaning of horror.

Oh wait… here’s another Saturday morning show… hosted by…


You are watching a clip from “The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine,” a variety series hosted by the Clown Princes of Basketball.  Along with Rodney Allen Rippey and Avery Schriber.  Because nothing says hoops skill like adding the visages of Rodney Allen Rippey and Avery Schriber.

Oh wait… here’s another TV show, this time by…



Well, Mark Hudson was married at one time to Goldie Hawn, and he is also the father of actress Kate Hudson.  And if you noticed one of the supporting players as Peter Cullen, well that’s also the great and dignified voice of Optimus Prime.  Just in case you didn’t get the hint.

Hey wait a minute… I found a Saturday morning show hosted by…


I don’t care how many fans he had on Match Game, and I don’t care that he was dastardly as Hoodoo the Wizard on Lidsville – all I care about is that this show, “Uncle Croc’s Block,” was so completely abysmal, the network it was on – ABC – actually cancelled all of Filmation Studios’ programming (Filmation produced this steaming pile).

Yeah, this sort of looks like a Sid and Marty Krofft production.  It’s not like Sid and Marty Krofft would ever produce a Saturday morning show like this… unless maybe they hired…


What in the name of … Is that Ray Parker Jr. singing the theme song?

Forget it.  I got nothin’.

I may as well tune in for a Saturday morning show hosted by…


Okay, this is actually fun.  This is intelligent.  This is creative.  And this got cancelled after thirteen weeks because, yes folks, it was fun, intelligent and creative.  And we can’t have any of that on Saturday morning, now can we?

Oh wait… one more…


Yep, the Bay City Rollers were the hosts of the Krofft Superstar Hour, a Saturday morning cavalcade featuring characters from the Krofft Television Universe, along with a group that went from the top of the pop charts to the oldies circuit in nothing flat.

And there you have it.  Inbetween all the action shows and comedy cartoons and superhero shows and mystery detectives… we had these programs.

And this is why we turned out the way we are.  Right? 😀