My 2015 Big E photo entries are…

This is a nice streak to achieve.  In the past three Big E photography competitions, I’ve garnered a ribbon for every photo I’ve entered.  That’s a nice breakthrough, I think.  Nine for nine in entries, including blue ribbons for Poestenkill Cascade, The Jumbuck and Jesus Saves.  Other pictures, including Midnight at the Palace Theater, Beecher Creek Falls, The Star-Barn of Harmony Corners and Midnight at the Palace Theater, received ribbons in the past.

So this means I’m resting on my laurels this year, right?

Silly you.

Okay.  I have three entries available, and the Big E has separate themed categories and divisions.  So let’s go with what I have.  And those entries include:


Parabola: From Hadley to Corinth.  Minolta x370s camera, Kodak HIE infrared film with Hoya R72 filter.  Photo by Chuck Miller.

This mixture of metal and stone and foliage and water and clouds seems to have all the balances I need from an infrared photograph.  I just hope the judges understand what I’ve done here.  The picture did claim some love at the TRASK charity auction, but it missed the cut at the New York State Fair.


Aerochrome Falls.
Aerochrome Falls.  Kodak Medalist II camera, Kodak EIR “Aerochrome” film with orange filter.  Photo by Chuck Miller.

So far this little infrared picture has taken an Honorable Mention ribbon at Altamont, and I’m kinda hoping that the judges at the Big E will give this picture lots of love.  Even if “lots of love” comes with red leaves and black-blue water courtesy of an infrared slide film.


Just Vic.
Just Vic.  Nikon Df camera, Nikkor 50-300 f/4.5 telephoto lens.  Photo by Chuck Miller.

Wait, what?  Chuck’s entering a photo of a standardbred racing horse into competition?

Yeps.  Here’s why.  While everybody else in the Capital District was focused on American Pharoah and the Travers and all that glitz and glamour, just across the street is the harness racing track.  And on that track, horses like Just Vic compete and race every week.  And I felt that this photo deserved enough consideration for the Big E.

And now I wait to find out how things went.   In a couple of weeks, I’ll scoot over to Springfield and see if any of my pictures picked up some silks.  Or at least picked up lost of viewers.

That will be fun.