A prosthetic arm to make kids feel extra-special

Gizmodo recently reported on a company, Open Bionics, who is crafting something extra-special for children who, either through a birth defect or an accident, have lost a hand or an arm.

And I have to say – this is absolutely incredible and amazing.

Open Bionics, a leader in low-cost myoelectric prosthetic arms and limbs, has partnered with Disney to create three manufacture-on-demand prosthetic arms – each one based on one of Disney’s popular film properties.

From Openbionics.com. Images copyright Marvel, Disney, LucasFilm.

Now think about this for a couple of seconds.  Not only could a young person be enabled by this new prosthetic – kids have enough trouble and lack of self-confidence in this world – but imagine being able to pretend your new hand has repulsor rays or a freezing power or a lightsaber sound.


Take a moment and read the Gizmodo article, and then visit the Open Bionics website.  When companies like this take the time to work toward the betterment of humanity – both in terms of quality of life and empowerment –

It just makes all of us feel good inside.