Best of our TU Community Blogs, October 15, 2015: Ten for Thursday

There’s something that motivates every blogger out there.  They’re motivated to tell the stories, to share their moments, to convey the feelings that surround them with people who want to read these moments.  These conversations come from the heart, they come from the soul, they come from the very essence of our being.  And being able to share these moments through this electronic interface called a weblog is an amazing concept in itself.

And I get to share ten of these stories from the Times Union’s crew of community and independent bloggers with you.  And that makes me happy.  And I hope these stories make you happy – or inspire you – or even bring you to want to read these writers’ works as often as I do.

So what are we waiting for?  Here’s ten of the TU’s community bloggers and their stories from this week.  Starting with…

  1. Brian Huba’s “Cat’s Pajamas” blog, “It must be October.” (Read this first.  Let me put it this way.  Read this first.)
  2. David Kalish’s “The Ruminator” blog, “The end of the world as I know it.
  3. Nicole M. Arciello in the “Animal Rights” blog, “Rescue groups save over 100 animals from backyard slaughter operation.
  4. C. Anthony Burdette in the “Comics Multiverse” blog, “New York Comic Con 2015 Recap and Cosplay pics.
  5. Brad Shear in the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society blog, “Tell Governor Cuomo to Help Cats.
  6. Lale Davidson’s “Out of the Ordinary” blog, “Divorce in a new light.
  7. Jim Shahen’s “Life and Other Things” blog, “Guys, it’s ok! Democrats are weird too!
  8. Rob Hoffman’s “Hoffman Files” blog, “Our mental health problem? School shootings!
  9. Sara Rose Wheeler’s “Roaring Twenties” blog, “NYCC, TWD Premiere & Me.
  10. Tatianna Magee, as guest blogger on Prof. Nina Marinello’s “The Healthy Professor,” Confessions of a farmers market junkie.”

Enjoy these blogs for today, and hopefully you’ll find these bloggers’ words and thoughts so intriguing, that you’ll want to read more of their work.

And have a great day!