Three thousand chapters

This is blog post number three thousand.

Let’s get that out of the way right now.

From August 25, 2009 to today, I have submitted three thousand blog posts to the Times Union’s blog portal.  Counting this one, of course.

Three thousand chapters of my life, my dreams, my successes and my regrets.

Three thousand chapters of a man in his early 50’s, trying to understand the life around him and why his past has affected his present.

Normally, I would reminisce about the journey, a journey chronicled over the past six and a half years on this little weblog.

Today, though, I want to move forward.

I want to talk about what the next three thousand chapters might bring.

By then, we should be somewhere in the year 2022.  Somewhere there’s a Winter Olympics taking place.  That, and an NBA finals and a Stanley Cup playoff seeding in place.

I’ll be older.  Wiser?  Some people would say that’s a judgment call.

There will be friends and acquaintances today who won’t be here in 2022.  And there are friends and acquaintances in 2022 that today I don’t even know exist.

Three thousand chapters with blog-centric phrases like “Leica Green” and “Altamont Curse” and “love-hate relationship” and “Dream Window” and the like.  And who knows what terminologies will spring forth from this blog in the future?

Three thousand chapters that readers have examined with the determination and dedication of a Talmud scholar.  And trying to predict what the next three thousand chapters might bring…

It’s almost like trying to predict the pattern of three thousand coin flips.

Three thousand chapters.  What an accomplishment.

So here’s to the last three thousand chapters.

And here’s to the next three thousand chapters.

And three thousand chapters after that.

I’m glad you’ve come with me on these chapters, whether you were here at the start in 2009, or you’ve just joined recently.

I can assure you, though… as long as I’m still penning this little weblog…

The best is yet to come.

And I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

And I’m glad you’re taking this trip with me.