Two Dream Windows in an upcoming show! Yippee!!

Over the years, I’ve submitted my Dream Window art pieces in various competitions and charity events.  Some of the pieces have sold to help raise money for animal rescue or for building restoration; for medical research or for other charitable functions.

And if you’d like to see two of the Dream Windows up close and personal…

Your chance is coming.

Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection and Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry, two of my latest marriages of salvaged windows and imagination, will be on display at Albany Center Gallery’s “Re: Repurposed; Recycled; Reused; Reclaimed” show, as part of the Times Union Home Expo at the arena on February 19-21.

This is big for me.  I’m extremely excited that, over the years, my Dream Window constructs have achieved as much love as they have.  To take these old, forgotten windows and to turn them into new art… it’s a wonderful thing.  It’s amazing, it feels absolutely fantastic.  With these Dream Windows, I can pull the memories and imaginations out of the far reaches of my mind… and turn them into something tangible and tactile.

Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection.

I blogged about the creation of Dream Window 17: An Adirondack Reflection in this post, and the story of this window is really the story of my idealized view of an Adirondack autumn near a soft, quiet lake; the colorful foliage changing with the last gasps of summer and the arrival of winter.

And as for Dream Window 18: Friday Night Fish Fry, I blogged about creating this artwork at this link.  It was a fun piece to create; and I’m still amazed that I could take that image of the animated neon arrow and rebuild it into something that still operates today.  Man, I can just smell the cusk and tartar sauce right now.

I am also looking forward to seeing the artworks of my fellow artists, including one artist in particular – Jennifer Jeffers.  See, Jennifer Jeffers was a high school classmate of mine.  Yep, she went to Street Academy High School, just like I did.  And she’s been working with some amazing self-taught techniques for her art.

The gallery show runs from February 19-21 as part of the Times Union Home Expo.

Hope I see you there!