Lauren and the Leaves: the Lenticular Results


Last autumn, I photographed my friend Lauren as she tossed autumn leaves into the air.  I used my Nimslo four-lensed film camera to capture the moment, and combined all four images into a magic-motion print.

I posted the picture in my blog, and received some comment blowback from a lenticular “expert” who felt that my efforts were not up to the standard of his talents.  Undashed by his criticism, I sent my lenticular print of Lauren and the Leaves to one of my trusted lenticular single-print companies, Snap3D.  I ordered a 16×20 print, just as a test.

The goal?  See if my Nimslo shot might turn out as a successful printed image.

In order to show you the results… here they are.

Well, I have a better idea when it comes to “showcasing” the print.

Why not get my model friend Lauren to show the artwork herself?

See, the other day we met up so that I could get her to sign a New York State Fair model release – I need those if I enter a picture of anyone with a recognizable face in the photo.  Backs of heads are okay, front of heads you need a signed release.

And trust me, she loved the picture.  So I asked if she would be interested in showing off the photo in a YouTube video.  She agreed.

So, here’s Lauren of “Lauren and the Leaves” fame modeling the print of Lauren and the Leaves.  Enjoy.

Nice, eh?

So here’s the deal.  This is definitely earmarked for the New York State Fair, and maybe even for the Durham Fair afterward, since both photo fairs take 16×20 prints as standard display.

And once this picture claims some success … notice I said “once,” not “if” or “maybe” or “hopefully”…

Then I feel that I’ve gotten what I need from this project.