Caption Time: A stone of purple

I haven’t shot anything with my LomoChrome Purple boutique film of late, and a few weeks ago I wanted to break out a pack of the odd-colored film.

LomoChrome Purple is produced by the Lomography film company, and promises to provide breathtaking pastel colors to your photos.  And in this case, I had absolutely no idea how the photos would turn out on that shooting day.

Which is why this little image turned out the way it did.  But it needs a caption to make it work properly.  Or at least a title, should I decide it’s competition-worthy.

In this case, I turn to you, my loyal readers.  Can you give me a caption or a title for this image?

Purple Time
Photographed with Leica M3 camera, LomoChrome Purple 400 film. Photo by Chuck Miller.

And do you think this image is competition-worthy?